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HTML Editor Beta Testing2012-01-08
Adding HTML to your website and newsletters has never been easier. We have intergrated a new HTML editor into our system for use with your tools.

To use simply click the HTML Editor button located by Text 3 (Standard Layout). This will open up the editor in a new window and import any previously saved code from Text 3. You can then make your changes in the editor. Hovering each of the buttons in the editor will say what it is. Your images and web pages are linked into the editor making it easy to add pictures and link to pages through out your website. When done click Submit and your code is sent back to Text 3. Don't forget to update your page or you'll lose your changes!

This editor is also available from the Send Newsletter page for those who wish to send HTML formatted messages. If you have a domain name the editor will automatically use that to reference your images.

Please report any bugs or issues with the editor.